BILLI RUN : Jungle Run Cat Game Endless Adventure

  • PLATFORMS iOS, Android™
  • DEVELOPER DeliciousGames
  • GENRES Arcade game
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Billi Run is an amazing cat runner game for Android that you will love to play. It is an endless jungle runner game for Android that you can keep playing unless you stumble upon an obstacle. Dodge the obstacles and collect as many Coins, Power-ups and Rewards as you can in this free cat run for Android.

What makes this game enjoyable and interesting?
You can unlock and play with different cat characters. Each cat has different powers and perks in this Cat Run app for Android, plus there are multiple running worlds as well with different challenges and obstacles.

Billi Run is a Fun Adventurous Trip through the jungle. Play this Endless Cat Running Game to save Tom from his girlfriend. Unlock new cat characters.

Help Tom to Run, Slide, Jump, Dodge and Duck in this new jungle cat runner game for Android. Play this Cat game to win Daily Rewards. Run as fast as you can to score more.


This cat running app for Android offers you the best features that you are looking for. Kids love cat running game. This cat running game has amazing visuals, 3D jungle graphics background, and different Cool Cat characters that attract kids to play this adventurous Jungle runner game for android. You can enjoy and play this endless c at runner game even on an old version of Android, as it supports most versions of Android.

  • - Endless Billi game This billi game has unlimited playtime, Dodge around obstacles to save the cat and continue to play this cat running game.
  • - Jungle Run with New Challenging Obstacles This billi game has vivid jungle graphics with a new challenging obstacle. Jump, Slide and Duck to save Tom from obstacles that come in your way.
  • - Unlock new Cat Characters You can unlock and play with different cat characters in this cat game for Android. Some of the interesting Cat Characters are PIKU, PINKY, BAJRANG, KAALU, SAM, YODHA, ASURA, and DIANA.
  • - Run Fast to collect Coins and Power-ups Run and follow the path through the jungle, collect as many coins as possible to score more. To make this adventurous game easier, collect power-ups to survive more in this jungle run game for Android.
  • - Win Exciting Daily Rewards This cat running game also offers you to win daily Rewards which will help you to increase your lives and powers.
  • - Free Android offline Cat Run Game This cat game for Android works efficiently without internet. If you don’t have an internet plan, you can still enjoy this billi run game on your phon
  • - Small sized Jungle Run game One of the best things about this cat game is that it is a lightweight game and occupies less space on your phone.


Considering the fact that this cat run app for Android is designed for kids. The Gameplay of this cat runner game is very simple and easy.

  • - Try to run fast and collect gold coins and power-ups
    that come in your way.
  • - Drag left and right to move in the left and right direction.
  • - Swipe up to Jump and swipe down to Slide.
  • - Dodge around obstacles.
  • - Collect power-ups and unlock Daily Rewards.