KITTY CAT : Cube Jumping Kitten Game

  • PLATFORMS iOS, Android™
  • DEVELOPER DeliciousGames
  • GENRES Casual Game


Tap Tap Kitty Cat is an amazing kitty cat game for Android that your kid will love to play. This cute cat game for Android offers your kid to play with virtual kittens. Take your kitty cat on a fun fairy tale of hills, mountains, and forests with this kitty cat app for Android

What makes this kitty game challenging? It is a multilevel kitty game for Android and the speed of your cat increases as you move ahead in this cat jumping game for Android. The more you play, the more you love this kitty game.

In this game, you need to show great time precision and timely Taps, if you want to survive in this simple, yet challenging game. Control your cute cat to collect gold coins and flags while avoiding hurdles. Gold coins will help you to buy and unlock different cute kitties.

It supports most versions of Android, which makes this kitty game one of the most desirable cute cat game for Android. You can enjoy this kitty cat game on your old version of Android also.


Let us know some of the eye-catching features of this game which makes Tap Tap Kitty Game one of the best cat jumping game for Android

  • - Fun Tap Game For Android In this Tap game for Android , you just need to tap the screen and it will change the direction of your cute kitty. It is one the best kitty games for kids, as it is easy to control by just one tap.
  • - Cute Kitty Game For Android Tap Tap kitty cat is designed for kids. This kitty game will attract your kid with its colourful background and cute cat characters.
  • - Simple Kitty Game For Android: Help your kitty get down from the mountain. Jump on cubes to avoid pits and obstacles that come in your kitty’s way.
  • - Explore New Kitty characters: Use your coins and flags to unlock new cat characters from different countries: India, Japan, America, Korea, Egypt, and Turkey. You can also unlock different Forests: Pine Forest, Snow Forest, and Water Forest.
  • - Simple But Addictive Kitty Game: It is one of the ideal games for people who are looking for simple and addictive tap game. It has challenging obstacles and hurdles at every level.
  • - Cat Falling App For Android Tap Tap Kitty Cat is a free endless cat falling app for Android. Tap the screen at the right moment to save your kitty cat from falling into the pits and wobble upon the stones. The speed of cat keeps increasing at every level; this makes this game challenging.


It is easy to control your kitty in this kitty cat game.
Help kitty cat on its mountain journey with easy control options.

  • - Before the cat falling down to the obstacle, you need to change
    the direction of the cat by tapping the screen
  • - Collect as much gold and flags as you can! You can unlock the
    cats from different countries by collecting the several flags
  • - Every map has different features. Purchase and experience
    different feature of all the maps
  • - Speed of the cat is not constant. It will keep on increasing and
    decreasing randomly.