5 Best VR Games You Can Play Right Now…


You are welcome again on the game guide blog post. This time you can enhance your information box by the best VR gaming knowledge. If anyone of you says “Games”, we mean it. We will discuss some really interesting games which have captured the mindset of the masses. These games actually draw us in, make to play us all and keep staying for long.  

Now it’s been 30 years the virtual reality becomes the reality. It happened because of investors like; Influx and Facebook. Sony makes it a little convenient for the 50 million gamers who have their PlayStation 4 by endeavouring $400 PlayStation VR or $500 bundle. These include the Play Station Move controllers and the cameras, both are the major requirement of VR games.    


Here we have a list of 5 best Virtual Reality games:


1. Hover Junker

This time you can play as a girl, guy or a robot. Here you can play with up to eight players that take place on a junk ship. This is same as the room size you set up with the vibe at your house. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the battle will take place over the desert wasteland between robots and the mankind. The action becomes more fast and frenetic in the multiplayer. Furthermore, in an assortment of weapons, you can wield with both hands. Be prepared, the hover junkers can come from any side. This is how you need to become more active in your jumps, move, duck and shoot in every direction.  



2. The Climb

Do you have a fear of heights? Don’t worry, here you can overcome it. You can imagine or have a glimpse like you are watching a movie from the Everest on a big screen. Here you can experience solo rock climbing, this time you are required full controls of your hands as you scale mountains and cliffs. It is a photorealistic game where you can explore the adventurous places of the world. In the game, you are required to put your all skills of climbing and fast scaling. 




3. Robo Recall

This first-person shoot virtual game is developed by Epic Games for Microsoft Windows. The player task is rounding up clogged robots that are roaming around the city. You have a gun in your inventory for shooting and you can see every part of the robot while you go closer to that. There are powers and more powerful robots are with you to kill the enemies. So, when you feel like, you can choose the best option. 



4. EVE: Valkyrie:

This is one of the earliest games developed by CCP Games to tackle the VR platform. Here you can have a dog fighting adventure action packet. From the initial stage when you sit in the cockpit, then you will realise the actual sense of the Virtual reality world. It’s a first-person spaceship shooter which endeavours a perfect quality of Virtual Reality immersion to PlayStation & PC. Now, in a new expansion in Play Station 4, you don’t require a VR headset.  



5. Star Wars Battlefront:

Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission: This time you need to focus on the single target. Anyone with a PlayStation VR can show off this game to others who come by. Electronic Arts and DICE have created a multiplayer game. They always mandate upgrading the game as per the best of the market. The game is based on the original cult movie from the producer George Lucas. 



These are the 5 best VR games which you can add in your favourite list of VR gaming. To learn more about VR gaming at