How Mobile Gaming Industry flourishes in India?


In India, it’s a great hype of mobile gaming industry this is the reason all reputed companies started investing in it. The entire industry of gaming increases day by day as per the increasing demand. The Research shows that approximately 2 start-up gaming companies establish every month indicating the increasing demand for games in the Indian market. Games are becoming an integral part of every Indian. With an increase in the number of mobile devices and people easily adapting to the every changing mobile technology, games are increasingly becoming an important source of entertainment.


Earlier people used to play with friends in their physical presence but now on mobile games, you can connect from anywhere. As phone calls, the internet connects the entire world and anyone can become your game partner. We can say the increased demand for gaming has run in the parallel increase adoption of smartphones in India. The gaming company is rising simultaneously as per the growing industry of smartphones. This creates a stabilising platform for all mobile gaming categories. The users are constantly hunting for new ways to get entertained. There are so many gaming companies who acclaimed that the market is expanding with serene payments, low-cost data charges with mobile phone costs and the district content.




Here we have some pedantic reasons behind the perpetual espansion of gaming industry in India


Big Champions are there in the market

The audience has big appetency for games in India. This is the reason you can see more money is rousing the mobile gaming industry. The foreign companies are also spending in the Indian market due to the continuous growth. The Paytm, Hong Kong’s AGTech, the Chinese company Youzu and Vietnam based StomStudio are the recent examples. They had started to serve the Mobile gaming industry in India. The market is not well established because of its developing phase and everybody can inculcate the future by the developing speed. We can call this a maturing stage where investors are happily investing. This will lead a support to all the start-ups. If we go on stats than there is an estimation that between 2014-2016 the game downloaders become double than earlier and this is how it keeps on progressing. To play the game on phones is become behaviour of the mobile users. 


The influence of AL on gaming

Are you wondering about the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), it means a machine that displays intelligence. This is a very powerful tool which creates sense and includes computational models and the algorithms. This increase the capacity of the software this is why it is proceeding from approx. 30 years. It has the ability to deal with big data and supports all types of games including video games. Basically, it helps to create the predictions and support the user to pass the level. The AI had increased the status of games this is why the developer acclaimed it as an asset.

These are just 2 points which adds the reason of growing gaming industry in India. One can find many because we have numerous reasons. All and out if anyone is thinking for investing and raising-up any gaming industry can become a boon in future.