What are the best 10 RPG games for android?


The RPG or role-playing games are the most trending game in current aura due to the increasing demand of audience. The reason to give priority is simple: these games endeavour for you to be someone that you could become in real life. Here, you can enjoy playing the role of a character and proceed the game journey accordingly. Since Google Play Store has a huge user-base, RPG is one of the most played categories on it. Studies show that RPG is 2nd most grossing gaming category after strategy games. As per the ongoing trend users are seeking for the list of best ones to play.



Here we have a compiled list of RPG contemplated as top 10 games for Android:



Shadowgun Legends

Let’s start living in a dystopian world, there you will find battles to battle and the titles to acquire. This is the most adventurous game with the element of RPG. The major focus of the game is on the shooting as well as you can enjoy a wide variety of firing equipment. This time you have to fight for the game rather than to collect money.



 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

 The name is enough to shortlist the game in the category of best RPG for Android. Here the character can experience as Hogwarts student and capable to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The student can progress through seven years and become the master from transfiguration, flying, potion brewing and more. What you can do in the game:

    You can customize your character.

    Select your Hogwarts House.

    Get new spells & potions.

    Build lasting friendships



Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

This is the best graphics game as you have ever played. Here you will have a series of games and you need to set up a prime hero along with the team to defeat the rest. As per the persisting purchase of hero you will get an upgraded and better one.

*You can have the enhanced version only if you are using the 7 plus screen in your Android device.


Day R Survival

It is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game, where the entire setup is depicted the same and you have to survive as alone with your radiation, health issues and hunger. The players have to explore the nearby places and simultaneously the game becomes more typical as you move further in the quests and stories.



MARVEL Future Fight

The game belongs to the sequel of Avengers Infinity War, here you will have oodles of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe. This time you will have multiple quests and tremendous backstory and gameplay. This is an online game so you can connect with anyone among your friends and can create custom matches. This game also includes multi-player mode features as well.



Adventure Quest 3D MMO

 This game creates a virtual world for the player and you can play this game as an online basis. This game can be played world-widely and the user can chat with their partner via online and able to text between the game. This is a multi-platform game and most popular in the world of RPG.


Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire

This game is all about to create Marijuana Empire. The player will act as like the seller of herbs, where being a player you have to send gifts to the police and the mafia. The user can choose different seeds, pots and the fertilizers. The twist of the game is you need to turn down the offers.


Final Fable

 Here you will have a land called “Fantasia”, the evil gets threatened by this. The game offers around 100 stages where the gamer can fight by using the legendary spear to save the Fantasia. The player is free to build strategies and collect their favourite cards in the game.


 Battle Camp

Let’s fight with warthogs and dragons. The game is a combo of monsters and virtual ancient evils that are fabled. Here you will have a troop of fellow rangers and a fierce team of monsters. Come out to be a part of a war and govern the game in real time.


The Avengers- Destroyers

Destroy the opposite party by using all the skills of war. This time you can communicate with your partner and kill the monster by using unique strategies. The game is all about communication.


Fight…for survival. The above list of the best 10 RPG games for Android helps you to pick the most suitable game for you. So, keep playing to become the master of RPG games.