What are the top 5 games from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2018?


E3 2018, Electronic Entertainment Expo is the world biggest Event. Every year E3 introduces all the upcoming games. Game publishers announce their line-ups by showing remarkable trailers and radiant reveals and it is followed by quick details and some special points of the game. So, are you craving to know about these future games? Of course, you are, in fact, every gamer is eager to find out the same.  



Here we have the list of upcoming top games of E3 2018 



It’s an open world environment action game, which includes the multi-player feature. Punching, shooting and kicking are the major elements of action play. “Kojima Production” the developer of the game had mixed the elements altogether and creates “Death Stranding.” The game is completely based on the idea of a connection between the life and death. Here we have characters by which the entire plot of the game will work. The major aim of the game is a meditation on life and death with a star-speckled casting and the glossy presentation. The game creates a sense of feel and flows to the user.    

Platform: Play Station 4  



This is the finest SPIDER-MAN game in ages. With no astonishment, this game is from the insomniac world. If you view the trailer, then they might find it very cinematic. So, to avail the real glimpse, it is suggesting to play more than to watch the game. Here you need to perform wall crawling, skydiving and face the unexpected fear.  

Platform: Play Station 4 



This game includes all the previous character of smash game as, Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic and Solid Snake. You also have some additions such as Metroid’s oversized Ridley and Splatoon Inklings. Overall you will get around 60 fighters to fight. Now, you can fight with your large team and use different strategies. Here you will have unlimited fun and the reason to love the game. 

Platform: Nintendo Switch 



The finest survival game you can add in your gaming list at the top. Yes, it is not launched yet... This is actually the most awaited game of this launching list. Here you have different types of stuns, jealousy, revenge, teasing and favour. It includes basically every kind of feelings. Now you can inculcate the final output. Unfortunately, we don’t have any final date of release. So, wait for the best game to get launched.  

Platform: Play station 4 



This game is the loudest series; it’s not quite as pristine. It is developed by 343 Industries along the Slipstream Engine and Halo infinite puts Master Chief. Here you have numerous conflicts to resolve. No doubt the game is highly entertaining as per the trailer launched.  

The bad thing is we don’t have any actual expected date of launch. So being an audience we have to wait a little long.  

Platforms: Xbox One, PC 

Choose your best games of E3 2018 and enjoy your upcoming year!