Rebirth King - Epic Indian Hero: Idle RPG Clicker

  • PLATFORMS Androidâ„¢
  • DEVELOPER Thunder Games

Game Overview

Rebirth King is a strategy war game equipped with AI and rich graphics to keep you hooked for hours. Relive the mythological wars by choosing revered Indian gods, Hanuman, Ganesha, Shiva and Mahakali, to fight against monsters and demons. Build your own army of lords to save the world through 10,000+ levels
for your chosen heroes in the game.

  • Idle RPG Fantasy Games:Idle RPG gameplay with countless levels. Lead your heroes into the battle to defeat countless demons.
  • Mythological Heroes:Choose from hundreds of super heroes with their own super powers. Build your army of up to 12 gods.
  • Inflation RPG:Make your heroes stronger each time you rebirth them.Obtain endless superpowers through countless levels.
  • Find Gifts and Treasures: Defeat the dungeon bosses and earn hundreds of relics and symbols to make your characters stronger.



Choose your revered gods and use their magical powers to slay menacing invaders through countless levels. A comprehensive game layout and engaging features ensure that you keep evolving with the game and use strategy and skills of your characters to defeat the enemy, build decks and rebirth heroes to achieve higher stats!