[EVENT] Hello Chacha~

Hello Veterans,

As we all know today is a huge day, today we are launching our 6 brand new games on mobile platform

To celebrate the very first game launching, we have planned huge giveaways for you all as you are our veteran users.!! ;)

In order to get the giveaways follow these simple steps:-

Step 1. Install all the 6 games

  •         Billi Run [LINK]
  •         Fall The Cat [LINK]
  •         Neon Dual Car Racing [LINK]
  •         Neon Bounce [LINK]
  •         Neon Jack [LINK]
  •         Neon Pinball [LINK]

Step 2. Play them as much as you want... ;)

Step 3. Rate us 5 stars for all 6 games

Step 4. Write an amazing review for all 6 games

Step 5. Send us the the screenshort of your review along with you PB IGN through facebook messanger ONLY

>> Period: 30th Jan~20th Feb

>> Rewards:-
1. Everyone who follows all the steps mentioned above will be awarded with 2000 PB cash.
2. The one "LUCKY USER" will be awarded with "iPhone X" :O

>> Rules:-
1. Entries will be only be accepted through Facebook messages.
2. You need to download all 6 games and give rate & write review for all the 6 games
3. The screenshots should only contain "Rating & Review" for all 6 games!!
4. Review should only be related to the specified game not related to reward or event.

Play Well.!!
Your ChaCha B)